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Judge Colwell Book Donation

Judge William Colwell donated 92 books for children and young adults to the Pawnee City Public Library. Thank you so much!

Title Author
Sportsmanship Raatma, Lucia.
Respect Raatma, Lucia.
Caring Raatma, Lucia.
Fairness Raatma, Lucia.
Responsibility Raatma, Lucia.
Trustworthiness Raatma, Lucia.
Counting our people Orr, Tamra.
Checks and balances: a look at the powers of government Kowalski, Kathiann M.,
Democracy at work Liljeblad, Fredrik.
Local action Muschal, Frank.
Government at work Orr, Tamra.
Bullying Raatma, Lucia.
Citizenship Raatma, Lucia.
Voting Liljeblad, Fredrik.
Electing leaders Orr, Tamra.
Getting elected: a look at running for office Nelson, Robin,
The Congress: a look at the legislative branch Nelson, Robin,
Rights and values Hynes, Patricia Freeland.
Law and order Manatt, Kathleen G.
Judges and courts: a look at the judicial branch Kowalski, Kathiann M.,
The President, Vice President, and Cabinet: a look at the Executive Branch Landau, Elaine.
Beyond government Muschal, Frank.
Homeland security Mullins, Matt.
Jesse James: western bank robber Collins, Kathleen.
Annie Oakley: Wild West sharpshooter Porterfield, Jason.
Phillis Wheatley: African American poet Moriarty, J. T.
Marquis de Lafayette: French hero of the American Revolution Collins, Kathleen.
John Paul Jones: American naval hero Egan, Tracie.
Benjamin Franklin: early American genius Glass, Maya.
Nathan Hale: hero of the American Revolution Libertson, Jody.
Paul Revere: freedom rider McCarthy, Rose.
Betsy Ross: creator of the American flag Silate, Jennifer.
Documents of freedom: a look at the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the U.S. Constitution Swain, Gwenyth,
George Washington: father of the nation Egan, Tracie.
Abigail Adams: famous First Lady Glass, Maya.
George Armstrong Custer: General of the U.S. Cavalry Link, Theodore.
Cynthia Ann Parker: Comanche captive Egan, Tracie.
Francisca Alvarez: the Angel of Goliad Egan, Tracie.
Davy Crockett: frontier hero Moriarty, J. T.
Sitting Bull: Sioux war chief Hayhurst, Chris.
Nat Love: African American cowboy Penn, Sarah.
Wyatt Earp: lawman of the American West Alagna, Magdalena.
Wild Bill Hickok: legend of the American Wild West Phillips, Larissa.
Cochise: Apache chief Phillips, Larissa.
John Sutter: California pioneer Hayhurst, Chris.
How commodities trading works La Bella, Laura.
The attacks on the World Trade Center: February 26, 1993, and September 11, 2001 Gard, Carolyn.
Ripley’s believe it or not!: dare to look! Tibballs, Geoff.
The debate about cosmetic surgery Stearman, Kaye.
Stem cell research Moore, Pete.
The debate about animal testing Coster, Patience.
Abortion Bailey, Jacqui.
The debate about euthanasia Stearman, Kaye.
The debate about globalization Harris, Nathaniel.
How globalization works La Bella, Laura.
The debate about immigration Senker, Cath.
Same-sex marriage Spilsbury, Louise.
Privacy and surveillance Senker, Cath.
Understanding economic indicators: predicting future trends in the economy Furgang, Kathy.
Understanding economic data Meyer, Susan,
Understanding economic systems Orr, Tamra.
Understanding the Federal Reserve and monetary policy Brezina, Corona.
Why banks fail Casil, Amy Sterling.
How deflation works Brezina, Corona.
How inflation works Hart, Joyce,
How currency devaluation works Hollander, Barbara,
How the gold standard works Ryan, Peter K.
How the stock market works Furgang, Kathy.
How buying and selling futures work Meyer, Susan,
The debate about energy resources Spilsbury, Richard,
How taxation works La Bella, Laura.
The debate about tourism Spilsbury, Louise.
How stimulus plans work Brezina, Corona.
How credit crises happen Hollander, Barbara,
How a recession works Nagle, Jeanne.
How a depression works Porterfield, Jason.
Understanding the gross domestic product and the gross national product Brezina, Corona.
Understanding budget deficits and the national debt Furgang, Kathy.
The debate about military intervention Stearman, Kaye.
Freedom of information Stearman, Kaye.
The bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 Wicker, R. Doug.
The debate about terrorist tactics Smith, David.
The Oklahoma City bombing Giordano, Geraldine.
The debate about the death penalty Stearman, Kaye.
How markets work Bailey, Diane,
How trade deficits work Canino, Kate.
How business decisions are made Kamberg, Mary-Lane,
Advertising Green, Jen
The debate about genetic engineering Moore, Pete.
The attack on U.S. Marines in Lebanon on October 23, 1983 Olson, Steven P.
The crash of United Flight 93 on September 11, 2001 Buell, Tonya.
The attack on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 Gard, Carolyn.