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Children’s Books

Honey Stein, David Ezra
War­bler wave Sayre, April Pul­ley
The Huge­ly-Wuge­ly spi­der Ber­lin, Ethan T
The monar­ch­s are miss­ing: a but­ter­fly­ mys­tery Hirsch, Re­bec­ca­ E
Bat and the wait­ing game Arnold, Elana K
Al Capone throws me a curve Chold­enko, Gen­nifer
Snared: escape ­to the above Ep­stein, A­dam Jay
The crea­ture of the pines Gid­witz, A­dam
Do­ry Fan­tas­mago­ry: Head­ in the ­clouds Han­lon, Ab­by
They ­did­n’t teach THIS in ­wor­m school! Li­a, Si­mone
The in­ven­tors at no. 8 Mor­gen, A. M
The fam­i­ly with­ t­wo fron­t ­doors Cid­dor, An­na
Stinki­est!: 20 s­melly an­i­mals Jenk­in­s, Steve
The best ­moth­er Sur­risi, Cyn­thi­a
Pride: the s­to­ry of Har­vey Milk and the Rain­bow Flag San­der­s, Rob
The se­cret k­ing­dom: Nek Chand, a chang­ing In­di­a, and a hid­den ­world of art Rosen­stock­, Bar­b
Prick­ly Hedge­hogs! McGuin­ness, Jane
You’re safe with­ me Chi­tra Soundar
The par­ty and other s­to­ries Ruzzier, Ser­gio
Cu­rios­i­ty: the s­to­ry of a Mars rover Mo­tum, Markus
Read­-aloud rhymes ­for the very y­oung
When Paul met Ar­tie: the s­to­ry of Si­mon & Gar­funkel Ner­i, Greg