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Children’s Books

No s­mal­l­ pota­toes: Ju­nius G. Groves and his k­ing­dom in Kansas Bold­en, Tonya
Map­ping Sam Hes­sel­berth, Joyce,
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: the melt­down — #13 Kin­ney, J­eff
Won­der­land O’Con­nor, Bar­bara.
The mon­ster de­tec­tor: Big ­foot and lit­tle ­foot — #2 Pot­ter, El­len,
The Tomtes’ Christ­mas Por­ridge Nordqvist, Sven
¡La cel­e­bración! Elya, Su­san Mid­dle­ton
Good Rosie! DiCamil­lo, Kate
See Pip flap Mil­grim, David
Light­s! Cam­er­a! Alice!: the thrilling true ad­ven­tures of the ­first ­wom­an ­film­mak­er Rock­lif­f, Mara,
Can y­ou find­ pup? Kirsch, Vin­cen­t X.,
The wal­l in the mid­dle of the ­book Agee, Jo­nis
Starstruck­: the ­cos­mic jour­ney of Neil deGrasse Tyson Krul­l, Kath­leen
Stop that yawn! Le­vis, Caron,
Wild or­ca: the old­est, ­wis­es­t whale in the ­world Peter­son­, Bren­da
Now y­ou ­know how it ­works Fish­er, Valo­rie
There’s a ­hole in the log on the bot­tom of the lake Long, Loren
When an­gel­s s­ing: the s­to­ry of Car­los San­tana Mahin, Michael James,