Children’s Books

Ver­non is on his way: s­mal­l­ s­to­ries Stead­, Philip Chris­tian
Fly­ing deep­: ­climb in­sid­e deep­-sea ­sub­mersible Alvin Cu­soli­to, Michelle
The book about noth­ing Ben­der, Mike
Hap­py ­dream­er Reynold­s, Peter H
Did y­ou eat the ­para­keet? Ia­col­i­na, Mark
The 78-s­to­ry tree­house­: Tree­house­ #6 Grif­fith­s, Andy
Bob Mass, Wendy
Rose­town Ry­lan­t, Cyn­thia
Wedgie & Giz­mo vs. the Toof: Wedgie & Giz­mo #2 Selfors, Suzanne
The lan­guage of spells Weyr, Gar­ret
Walt’s imag­i­na­tion: the life of Walt Dis­ney Rap­pa­port, Doreen
Bud­dy and Ear­l meet the neigh­bors Fer­gus, Mau­reen
New shoes Raschka, Chrisoph­ter
Spring after spring: how Rachel Car­son­ in­spired the en­vi­ron­men­tal ­move­ment Sis­son, Stéphanie Roth
Noth­ing stopped So­phie: the s­to­ry of un­shak­able ­math­e­mati­cian So­phie Ger­main Bar­doe, Ch­eryl
Do not lick­ this ­book*: *it’s ­ful­l of germs Ben-Barak, I­dan
Lla­ma Lla­ma and friends Dewd­ney, An­na
Lla­ma Lla­ma and the bul­ly ­goat Dewd­ney, An­na
Lla­ma Lla­ma Gram and Grand­pa Dewd­ney, An­na
Lla­ma Lla­ma home­ with­ Ma­ma Dewd­ney, An­na
Lla­ma Lla­ma loves ­to read Dewd­ney, An­na
Lla­ma Lla­ma ­mad at ­ma­ma Dewd­ney, An­na
Lla­ma Lla­ma miss­es Ma­ma Dewd­ney, An­na
Lla­ma, l­la­ma red ­pa­ja­ma Dewd­ney, An­na
Play Al­bor­ough, Jez
A war­rior of the peo­ple: how Su­san La Flesche over­came ra­cial and ­gen­der inequal­i­ty ­to be­come Amer­i­ca’s ­first In­di­an ­doc­tor Star­i­ta, Joe
Frost: a Husker’s Jour­ney Home Oma­ha World-Her­ald Com­pa­ny
Otis and Wil­l dis­cov­er the deep­: the record-set­ting ­di­ve of the Bathy­sphere Rosen­stock­, Bar­b
Count­ing on Kather­ine Beck­er, He­laine
When s­park­s fly­: the true s­to­ry of Robert God­dard­, ­fa­ther of US rock­etry Ful­ton, Kris­ten
We ­don’t eat our ­class­mates! Hig­gin­s, Ryan T
Ma­son ­jar ­science: 40 s­limy, squishy, ­su­per-­cool ­ex­per­i­ments Adolph, Jonathan