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Adult Books

Fiction – Large Print

The high­ tide ­club An­drews, Mary Kay
Us a­gain­st y­ou Back­man, Fredrik
Some­one ­to ­care: West­cot­t — #4 Balogh, Mary
The fam­i­ly ­gath­er­ing: Sul­li­van’s cross­ing — #3 Car­r, Robyn
To­mor­row Dibben, Dami­an,
Dead­ ­girl run­ning: Cape Cha­rade — #1 Dod­d, Christi­na
The for­got­ten road­: Bro­ken Road­ — #2 Evan­s, Richard Paul
The wom­an in the wa­ter: Charles Lenox — Pre­quel Finch, Charles
No one ev­er asked Gan­sh­ert, Katie
Pel­i­can Poin­t: Hope Har­bor — #4 Han­non, Irene
The room on Rue Amélie Harmel, Kristin.
Shat­tered mir­ror: Eve Dun­can — #23 Jo­hansen, Iris
The out­sider King, Stephen
To the ­moon and back­: Bax­ter ­fam­i­ly — #10 Kings­bury, Karen
The crooked s­tair­case: Jane Hawk — #3 Koontz, Dean R
Send ­down the rain Mart­in, Charles
Plain ­con­fes­sion: am Amish mys­tery — #5 Miller, Em­ma
The first ­fam­i­ly Palmer, Michael
Robert B. Park­er’s old black­ ­mag­ic: Spenser — #46 Atkin­s, Ace
The wan­der­ers Pears, Tim,
How hard ­can it be? Pear­son­, Al­li­son
Where se­cret­s sleep­: House of se­cret­s — #1 Per­ry, Mar­ta
The oth­er la­dy ­van­ish­es: Burn­ing Cove — #2 Quick­, A­man­da
The Moscow de­cep­tion: the Guardian — #2 ROBARDS, KAREN
The Krem­lin ­con­spir­a­cy: Mar­cus Ryk­er — #1 Rosen­berg, Joel C.
Twist­ed prey: Lu­cas Daven­port — #28 Sand­ford, John
Mur­der on Union Square: Gaslight mys­tery — #21 Thomp­son, Vic­to­ri­a (Vic­to­ri­a E.)
Tight­en­ing the thread­s: a Maine­ly needle­point mys­tery — #5 Wait, Lea
The death of Mrs. West­away Ware, Ruth
When life ­gives y­ou lu­l­ule­mons Weis­berg­er, Lau­ren
Taos ­light­ning Bog­gs, John­ny D
Tex­as­ flat: a west­ern ­duo Ho­gan, Ray
Ride the sav­age ­land John­stone, Wil­liam W
The but­ton horse: Warn­r Grayson — #3 Tip­pet­te, Giles

Non – Fiction

The con­scious ­care­giver: a ­mind­ful ap­proach ­to ­car­ing ­for y­our loved one with­out los­ing y­our­self Ab­bit, Lin­da,
I’l­l be ­gone in the ­dark­: one ­wom­an’s ob­ses­sive search ­for the Gold­en S­tate Killer McNa­ma­ra, Michelle
Search­ing ­for s­tars on an is­land in Maine Light­man, Alan P
The cru­elest miles: the heroic s­to­ry of ­dogs and ­men in a race a­gain­st an epi­dem­ic Sal­is­bury, Gay
Un­med­i­cat­ed: the ­four pil­lars of ­nat­u­ral well­ness Tay­lor, Madisyn
Pot­s in the ­gar­den: ­ex­pert de­sign and ­plant­ing tech­niques Roger­s, Ray
Take my hand: the ­care­giver’s jour­ney Am­dur­er, Ti­a
The one min­ute ­man­ag­er Blan­chard, Ken­neth H
Ori­gin­s of a s­to­ry: 202 true in­spi­ra­tions be­hind the ­world’s ­great­est lit­er­a­ture Gro­gan, Jake
The sun and her flow­ers Kau­r, Rupi
Tiger Woods Bene­dic­t, J­eff
Ghost ­sol­dier­s: the ­for­got­ten epic s­to­ry of World War II’s ­most ­dra­mat­ic mis­sion Sides, Hamp­ton