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Young Adult Books

Graphic Novels

Castle in the s­tars: The Moon-King — #2 Alice, Alex,
Noodle­head­s find­ ­some­thing ­fishy Arnold, Tedd
Lucy & Andy Ne­an­derthal: Bad ­to the bones — #3 Brown, J­ef­frey
Lafayet­te!: a Revo­lu­tion­ary War ­tale Hale, Nathan


Mon­strous de­vices Love, Damien
A blade ­so black McKin­ney, L. L.
Fan­tas­tic beast­s and where ­to find­ them Rowl­ing, J. K
Fan­tas­tic beast­s: the crimes of Grindel­wald : the o­rig­i­nal screen­play Rowl­ing, J. K
How we ­got ­to now: six in­no­va­tion­s that ­made the ­mod­ern ­world John­son, Steven
War­cross: War­cross — #1 Lu, Marie,


One igua­na t­wo igua­nas Col­lard III, Sneed